What I Like About Kentucky


On this website, you will find out a bunch of information about Kentucky. For instance it’s historical facts, cities & towns, what’s haunted in Kentucky, it’s heritage, fabulous tourism attractions and events such as music & arts, family fun, state parks, caves, etc; as well as outdoor adventures like where to hike, bike ride, zip line, dine, and many many more…

My name is Mary, I’m 20 years old, from a small town called Clarksville, Ohio, now living here in Seattle, Washington. I took care of my Grandmother, Grace, on a daily basis, for about 6 months. She also grew up in a small town — in Montana though, who recently past away because of breast cancer.

I was once cleaning her room while she was taking her afternoon nap, (this happened about 4 months ago), and I had found an old treasure box under the bed that belonged to her, from what I saw, it was full of memories. From diaries, to videos, to many many pictures of her and my grandfather, Harold, who also past away of cancer, about four and a half years ago.

I then took the little heart shaped key, which was placed at the very bottom of the box underneath everything, and opened the diary booklet. I couldn’t help but read the first few pages. I was incredibly intrigued at how in love they were back in the day.

My grandparents were together since they were my age, 20 years old. They took tons of trips, explored every inch of the world and had fun all the time. My grandmother had told me that the most favorite place she has ever explored was Kentucky. I never knew there were so many things to do there!

Anyways, I wanted to read the whole entire booklet, as much as she wanted to hear it all over again, because the memories were so magical — kind of like a fairy tail — so I read it to her a few hours a day. We finished reading everything in her ‘Box of Memories’ in just a couple of months.

Ever since then, I had been yearning to go there with my boyfriend, John, of almost a year and a half. So soon enough, I asked him to take me there and do all of the things my grandparents did. He told me he had relatives there, which was awesome. We visited his family about a week or two after I asked, and explored every piece of Kentucky. From different types of attractions – to food, from events – to nightlife, and from what’s haunted in Kentucky – to boating on the breath-taking blue waters.

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. There are so many things to do in this gorgeous ‘bluegrass’ state. Kentucky is a state known for it’s deepest traditions, importance of history, and authentic culture.